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  bulk Hydraulic Pressing Tool
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Product features:  
1. Perfect design depend on the ergonomics, beautiful shape and operation comfortable
2 .Suspend and release device ensure accurate reliability and good sealing safety valve design, ensure each clamp in good sealing.
Double hydraulic stage
350°rotary crimping head.
Straight-insert rotary lock type clamp head pin, prevent clamp head pin not lock to work.
Product description:
HZ-1550 pipe press tools were designed to help plumbers to conduct fast and reliable crimping work on their pipeline. With a stronger and stable hydraulic system and proper engineered pressing jaw. EZ-1528 pipe press tools can join copper, stainless steel, PEX and multi-layer fittings safely and efficiently. For every plumber who dreamed of having a high quality and cost-effective tool . ZUPPER is your best choice.
Product details:
Crimping force32KN
Rated working pressure52Mpa
Working temperature:-20℃ -40℃
Pressing jaw:Stainless steel and copper pipe:M type  V type   XPAP pipe: TH& U type Gas pipe: P type 16,20,25,32,40,50mm
Clamping range:
Thin-wall stainless steel pipe,copper pipee MAX DN 54, XPAP,PEX MAX DN75.
Note: is for hexagon clamping, 32 is for quincunx clamping; 42.54 is for 3-oieces chain clamping.
Clamping die for thin-wall stainless steel pipe, copper pipe (nominal OD):15,18,22,28,32,42,54
Clamping die for XPAP: TH type:16,20,26,32      U type:16,20,25,32
Clamping die for PEX:15(3/8"),18(1/2"),20(5/8"),24(3/4"),30(1")bulk Hydraulic Pressing Tool


  Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing suppliers
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Micro Car Front Wheel Hub Bearing
CJB is one of the Top 10 Bearing Manufactures in China for high quality bearings, including Wheel Hub bearings, Transmission bearings and Clutch bearings.
Front Wheel Hub Bearing DACF30134YA is used for Micro Car and other auto cars. It is connecting Tire/ Brake Disc and Steering Knuckle, the main functions are to lower the friction and pass power, with high radial load, high axial loads, excellent seals, high quality raw materials and long life.
Features:1.Competitive Price, High Rolling Accuracy, Long Life
2.CJB Micro Car Front Wheel Hub Bearing adopts specialized high performance Bearing Steel (Also be named as Chrome Steel, GCr15).
3.CJB Micro Car Front Wheel Hub Bearing adopts special control ways for bearing quality during Heat Treatment to reduce the sensibility of foreign matter to   extend service life.
4.Specialized Seal Technology for Excellent seals
5.Improved the snap ring groove and the structure of Bearing outer ring to largely increase the bearing strength.
6.20 Patents Technology for CJB Bearings.

CJB also supply other Second Generation Wheel Hub Bearing series as following:

Company Overview:

To meet the increasing Automotive after-sales market, we have developed over 500 wheel hub bearings, transmission bearings and clutch bearings for passenger car, including the international brand such as VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, GM(Buick, Chevrolet), Cadillac, Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota (Lexus included), PSA, Volvo, Dodge, Honda(Acura included), Nissan(Infiniti included),Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi Motors, Hyundai, Kia; and the domestic brand such as SAIC, Chang’an, Great Wall, Geely, Chery, Dongfeng, BAIC, GAC, Wuling Motors, Brilliance, Zotye, Lifan, etc. And products for 50 to 100 vehicles are developed every year. The quality control and inspection of the products equal to OEM customer products. We also develop motor bearings of 6000 to 6322 series (including ZV1, ZV2, ZV3 and the non-standard bearings), and tapered roller bearings of 30203 to 33222 series (including non-standard bearings). Now we are looking for global cooperation dealers to discuss the develop strategy. May our sincerity bring you endless benefits!
Many bearings require regular maintenance to prevent premature failure. Although some bearings such as liquid bearings and magnetic bearings may require minor maintenance, most bearings require periodic lubrication and cleaning during high cycle operation and may require adjustment to minimize the effects of wear.
Today, factory machines usually have lubrication systems, where the central pump provides regular lubrication of line oil or grease, and so on. Occasionally, the time and amount of this lubrication cycle controls the computer's computer control, such as PLC or CNC, as well as manual operation functions.
Reputation for CJB Bearing High QualityAutomotive Wheel Hub Bearing suppliers


  China Optical Bga Soldering Machine manufacturers
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1.Product Introduction
Solid design enables ultra precise placement of bga chips and dies to within 2 mm. Alignment is performed using split vision optics allowing simultaneous view of the substrate and flip chip / die. The two images are superimposed using micrometers on a precision vacuum locking stage. Software contains a database of predefined profiles which the user selects based on the die and substance. Profiles may be easily modified, optimized, and stored for future use. Settings can be adjusted on-the-fly while the profile is running. Software controlled heating at the die is performed via a convection Air heater.

2.Product Specifications

3.Product Applications
The DH-A2E addresses the challenges of reworking technologies such as PoP, QFN, micro-Passive like 01005, 0.3mm pitch CSP and RF Shields commonly used in Smartphones, Netbooks, GPS, cameras, audio-video players, tablets, eReaders and other small form factor products.

4.Product details
5.Product Qualifications

6.Our services
For over 10 years now, thousands of users worldwide benefit from Dinghua´s patented IR- and HR-Rework technology. In addition to their outstanding cost/price ratio, Dinghua systems have established their position in the market because they continue to deliver the best results even for the most challenging rework applications.

●What are the functions of the touch screen in your optical north bridge BGA rework station?
A:1.Touch screen, smart PC is the brain of machine. PLC system,human-machine interface with Touch screen for easy operation and high accuracy rework.
2.Manage the temperature profilesConfundidoetting,storage,application,analysis,debug.Up to 16-segments temperature control,100,000 groups storage for different BGA's rework temperature profile.
3.Control the machine.

●What’s the function of laser positioning?
A: Built-in infrared laser positioning, help fast positioning for PCB board.

●Is the heating hot air or infrared?
A:There are three independent heaters. Top Hot Air +Bottom Hot Air+Infrared preheating platform.The top and bottom can be moved upward/downward. This can make heating focusd and even. Effectively increase rework rate.

8.Contact usChina Optical Bga Soldering Machine manufacturers


  wholesale Probiotics For Pregnant Women
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Company Profile
Shenyang Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd is a new high-tech and growth-type enterprise with concentrating R&D, manufacture and sales of “New Type Micro-Ecological Products” , which is a leading enterprise of the probiotics application area in China.
Mr. Taixing Cui , who is the GM of HUIMEIREN and the leader of R&D Central Team, is the first one to creatively put forward “Traditional gynecology uses antibiotics to kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria together during this treatment of vaginal inflammation which is contrary to the natural rules, causing a severe ecological disaster of human body medical treatment” and put forward the innovative guiding ideology and research direction about ecological disaster must be solved by ecological method, launches feasible probiotics products to solve gynecological ecological disaster, becomes the focus of the industry attention.
HUIMEIREN manufacturing base locates in Shenyang shenbei industrial zone which is the national science and technology industry zone, the plant covers 12000 square meters and equips with five big specific items including ten hundred thousands grades of air cleanliness decontamination manufacturing shop, packing workshop, central warehouse, logistics center and R&D center with more than 300 staffs on active duty.
We have the professional attitude and always make strict demands on ourselves with using international production standard, to be the highest standard of probiotics manufacturing enterprise in China.wholesale Probiotics For Pregnant Women


  Customized Swing Hinge
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Our History:
2008- On Aug.2008, our company was established. Our main products is sliding door hardware made by stainless steel 304 and Aluminium alloy for European market.
2011- On Jun. 2011, barn door hardware was developed. It became very popular in US market in short time.
2014- We acquired a company, so we had additional resource. Our products range was more and more wider. We created a new standard for sliding door hardware and become a leader in sliding door hardware industry.
2017- Shower accessories was developed for European market. Sliding Barn door hardware was still in high demand.
Our Factory:
Year Established: 2008
Type of Organization: Private
Plant Size:20,000 SQM
Number of Employees: RD:15 engineers; 16 quality control; Production: 150 workers, and others 19.
Warranty Terms: 5 Years
Our advantage: Strong R&D team, consistent quality and best customer service.
Spark Hardware is a leading manufacturer of sliding barn door hardware. We strive to develop the most quiet, elegant and utilitarian sliding door system, from European style of sliding glass door fittings to American style of barn door hardware, from soft-closer to cushion stopper, from 80KGS to 120 KGS to 175KGS loading capacity, we never stop exploring and innovating.
We have our own lab. Salt spray testing, thickness testing, loading testing and life testing have to be done for every new product, to make sure it is safety and reliable.
Quality is life of company, as well as customer. We are committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. We can design and improve new products as per customer’s request, and help to solve all kinds of problem in process of sale, installation and maintainance.
We are your best partner, please feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere.
Our Product:
Barn door hardware
Sliding wooden door hardware
Sliding glass door fittings
Door handle
Shower support bar
Shower accessories
Shower Glass Door hardware
Product Application:
Commercial and residential

Our Certificate:
CE, ISO,GBP2,000,000PLI    FSC

Production Equipment:
Cutting machine
CNC lathe
milling machine
Instrument lathe
Drilling machine
Water Grinder
Polishing machine

Production Market:
Northern America 80%
Europe 10%
Oceania 7%
Asia 3%
Our service:
Product Quality Assurance
24-hours Service On-line
Promise Refund or Replacement for any faulty products
New Products Arrival Monthly to Develop your market
One-stop-solution to save cost for youCustomized Swing Hinge


  wholesale Industrial Fans
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Product name: 5v 12v 24v dc cooling fan 1.57x1.57x0.79in quiet 1.57IN Axial CPU 220V 4.72IN Wires Cooling Fan 110v Axial Fan Volt Fan
1.Reliable quality & Competitive price
2.Large air flow & long life expectancy
3.High speed & large air flow
4.Low noise & high efficiency
5.Ball bearing or sleeve bearing optional
6.Good after-sales services
Packaging details:
Two layer packaging, pcs/CTN
Packaging size: designed by customers or using ours
Lead time:
1. Samples within 4 days
2. Mass production within 7-10 days
3. The lead time is 7 days if needing the water proof samples.

Optional functions:
-1. Waterproof function with IP55 or IP67 level
-2. Auto-restart function
-3. Stop Alarm function (RD function with 3 lead wires)
-4. Speed detection function (FG function with 3 lead wires)
-5. Temperature control speed function (PWM function with 4 lead wires)

Optional bearing types:
1.Sleeve bearing (lower price):The sleeve was imported from Germany with stable performance and easy installation
2.Ball bearing (high price): we use the NSK ball which is imported from Japan, it is character with high quality, low noise level and easy installation.

3- year warranty for ball bearing fans
1- year warranty for sleeve bearing fans
Q: What information do you need to provide in order to get a quotation?
A: Generally, information about Size, Air Flow, Voltage of required fans is needed in order to select a right fan for you and provide you a quotation.
Q: Can I have samples for testing before ordering products?
A: Yes, we sincerely suggest that customers should have some samples of required fans for testing because the truly performance of fans can be fully demonstrated after testing is conducted.
Q: Can I have a discount for the quoted price?
A: The quoted price is based on annual usage quantity. If annual usage quantities increase, please provide the information to our sales. We will provide you a further discount.
Q: What is the warranty of products?
A: All of our products have 1 year warranty. Every product has its own production code. This code is able to track the production time.wholesale Industrial Fans


  wholesale Shoe Covers
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waterproof polyester shoe covers
We are the manufacturer of the waterproof polyester shoe covers Shenzhen,We have been in the  Shoe covers 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents,we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

Product category: shoe cover.
Export: yes
Brand:  Lideming
Item no: H - 005
Export: yes
Origin: Shenzhen, China.
Packing quantity: 100
Color: red
Special point: this product is made of polyester +PVC glue, which is easy to carry, easy to carry, easy to clean, clean water, can be used for a long time, not disposable products, beautiful and graceful. It is mainly used for dustproof mud, waterproof and reusable. It can be used to protect the shoe body in wet and dirty clothes.
And is suitable for the ancient buildings, research institutes, medical units, hotel and family protection area and to prevent the pollution on the ground, and the product is beautiful fashion, easy to carry, solve the traditional overshoes, both awkward problem is not easy to carry, and make up for the shortcoming of the disposable shoe covers not wear-resisting, durable
Question 1: are disposable PE shoe covers good or waterproof polyester shoe covers good?
Answer: waterproof polyester shoe covers  are good. I have not used a low-carbon eco-friendly material and have elastic bands and fabrics, which also  can be used repeatedly. What I used is a plastic material. I was wearing during a class,  I didn't make more moving. But after class, it was broken and it was a bad one. Although not completely bad, it can no longer be used.
Question 2:I went to see the house with my friends on last Saturday. It was a new building, but we all required to wear waterproof polyester shoe covers when we went into the house. What is the reason?
Real estate usually prepare some waterproof polyester shoe covers, printed with their own company's LOGO, so that people who looking at the houses can wear it conveniently. Mostly, because the house is just repaired, if we wear shoes directly into room, then we will bring some of the dust from our sole. Otherwise, there are a lot of customers in the sample room every day, put on waterproof polyester shoe covers  house will be clean a lot, and cleaning work is natural don need so hard-working.
The second is that some houses are wooden houses. We wear waterproof polyester shoe covers  to avoid getting flowers on the floor. The shoe cover of the real estate’s sample house, most is to adopt waterproof polyester shoe covers .Compared with disposable plastic shoe covers, waterproof polyester shoe covers  are wear-resistant, wear-resistant, and more environmentally friendly. They can also be used repeatedly and machine-washable.
The cost of using a large number of shoes for a long period of time is also greatly reduced, so it has also been welcomed by a large number of real estate companies.wholesale Shoe Covers


  Thermal Plastic Cap Nail Anchor price
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About Us
Sers Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd is a large thermal insulation auxiliary material enterprise. we are factory which located in Liaoning province. Our main products are: insulation nails, alkali-resistant mesh, angle, plastic wall plug, nylon anchor, etc..
In 2014,a new factory was built, covering an area of 1000sqm. The heat preservation nail production reached 500 million sets, the alkali-resistant mesh reaches 20 million square. The annual output value is 10 million USD.
We have 10 technicians, 2 senior engineers, 10 sales team. The Product performance is stable, export to Korea, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries.
◆ Our Advantages
● Use Original material, not recycle material, strong, long life.
● Product meet with JG standard, not off-standard
Fast Delivery
● Custom Sample: 2-4 days
● DHL express: 3-2-5days
● Bulks ship by sea, 15-25days
● Bulks Production: 3-7days
Cost Effective
● We are factory, arrange production more effective.
● Our factory located in insulation material center in China.
● We continue investing to have high yield and technologies in production
Service and Support
● We work together with our customers to design products.
● Over 90% quotations and inquiries replied within 12 hours
● Offer available insulation system idea.

Exhibition of Building material Exhibition of Building material

Insulation nail assembly machine

alkali-resistant mesh machine
◆ Products show:

Heat insulation nails  
Plastic expand plug  
Insulation fiberglass mesh

Internal corner bead  
Internal corner bead

Internal corner bead  
Internal corner bead Thermal Plastic Cap Nail Anchor price


  OEM Pvc Cling Film
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Plastic Cling Film Roll introduction:
Can plastic wrap Cling be heated? Not suitable for heating.
Not all foods are suitable for cling film, such as cutted watermelon, meat and so on; PE, PVC film should not be heated. Fruits and vegetables with higher moisture content are more suitable for cling film. Cooked foods, hot foods, foods containing oils, especially meats, are best not to be packaged and stored in plastic wrap. High-fat foods will absorb more plasticizers and absorb more at room temperature than when refrigerated. PVC cling film can not touch grease food, can not be used at high temperature
1. Q:Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?
A:We are a manufacturer, and we have over 20 years experience.
2. Q:What is the delivery time of your machine?
A:In general, the delivery time of our cling film is about 5-20 days
3. Q:Can the cling film be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?
A:Surely . we can be customized as your need, Put on your logo is also available.
4. Q: May i know which payment will be accepted by your company?
A:So far T/T L/C O/A Western Union, Paypal, Escrowm.etcOEM Pvc Cling Film


  Powder Tio2 quotation
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Company Introduction
Founded in 2012, Tianhong Mining Co., Ltd is a leading production and mining oriented company devoting to professional Tio2 production and mining products. "Tianhong Tio2(THTIO2)" is main brand of company Tio2 products, include Rutile THR series and Anatase THA series Tio2. Guided by our core idea "Devote to professional quality, pursue innovation excellent", we process and supply THTIO2 by professional production with strict quality control since start. Superior quality, effective supply-chain service and competitive cost are features Tianhong Tio2 satisfying value pursuit by global partners and end users.
Truth about Tianhong Tio2
Professional-designed superior quality Tio2 for various applications.
Experts'strict quality-test of each product to keep constant quality.
Sufficient production maintained by Shangdong, Sichuan and Yunnan production bases.
Comprehensive after-sales service on supply chain and usage-applications.Powder Tio2 quotation