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I am finding that the rig choices (FT991 or FT991 digital) is causing a problem. if i choose digital then the other station must also use digital or the software will not decode. Using rig choice "FT991 digital" and transmitting from my FT-991a in digital mode, my ts590sg in usb mode will not decode. If i switch the Ts590sg from usb to digital it starts decoding fine. Using choice "FT991" and using ssb in the radio works, but this choice requires the FT991a's settings to use "rear" for ssb input in the menu which requires you to manually switch to "mic" every time you wish to transmit voice. Voice is necessary for asking if the frequency is clear. There must be a solution!
 Wayne N8KIM
Hi Wayne, sorry for taking a long time to answer. I don't know if I understand your query correctly ... I think you mean that when you change the frequency the software only makes it to USB and not to digital. If so, at the moment there is no solution, you will have to make the change manually, but I advise you to use USB since many correspondents may not decode the images that you send. Understand that it is very difficult for it to work correctly with all equipment on the market and many do not have digital mode, especially the older ones.
Regards my friend.
Hi Wayne,

Maybe you have sorted this out by now. However here's what I have found with my FT-991A.  Note that I am using SSTV on 2 metres FM with a local group, so this might be a bit different for SSB.

Switching to "Data" mode in USB or SSB adds an offset to the frequency. See menu items 64 and 65. I have these set to 1500Hz for use with WSJT-X, which would change the freuqency from the dial by 1500 hertz.  It's probably better to just use SSB for slow scan.

Set Menu item 70 to "Rear", and item 71 to "RTS".  Your FT-991A will show 2 Com ports in the Windows Device Manager. USe the "Advanced" port for CAT commands, and use the "Standard" port for TX  control by switching the RTS line.  Menu item 72 defines whether to use the Data Port ur USB cable for the sound input.

I have also set menu item 76 to RTS and 77 to USB. So on 2 metres FM, I can use the micropone to talk normally. Clicking on "TX" in Yoniq or MMSSTV will transmit audio from the radio's internal sound card with the microphone muted.

EDIT:  In "Voice" modes, using the CAT TX command will switch the radio to transmit with the microphone active, and not use the sound card / data port. Use the "Standard" com port to send audio from the sound card or data port.

Hope this helps you out,

Kevin, VK2YPZ